Financial management services

We design the company annual budget taking into account the guidelines of the general management and collaborating with the person in charge or the commercial management department. We also supervise, track and analyse budget deviations, and implement and manage the cost control system. Moreover, we take on the management of the accounting organization and the client resource management control, make economic and financial reports for the general management department. We prepare, supervise and keep track of the financial planning following the guidelines from the general management department. We coordinate and supervise external financial audits and manage the financial area of your company, in other words, we plan and design the most adequate fiscal strategy for your business so it can achieve fiscal optimization through the use of current incentives, reductions and bonuses. Furthermore, we not only take on income statement presentations and any other tax duties, but also on any action that your company needs to take regarding the tax agency. We also manage the electronic notifications from the tax agency.

Accounting and administrative services

We take on the accounting and documentary management of your company. We take responsibility of the treasury control: the payment to suppliers and the management of the clients collections. We elaborate and legalise ledgers for the commercial register, elaborate and hand in annual accounts to the commercial register and support te company financial audits.

Administrative services - Human Resources

We manage the human resources area of your company and design the most adequate renumeration policies according to the business plan of the project. We elaborate payslips and employment contracts of the staff, and we elaborate and send social insurances too. We process the paperwork to register and deregister workers in the social security system and discharges because of temporary incapacity or work accident. We take on any action that your company may require regarding the social security system and manage the electronic notifications from this area.

Contact us

Santa Cecilia, 8,
46113 Moncada – Valencia – Spain
Roger de Lauria, 6, 6ºA
46002 Valencia – Spain
+34 654 74 05 29

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